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Unable to ssh into VPS


How can I ssh into VPS ubuntu instance.

When I type this in terminal:

ssh root@IPv4_of_my_VPS

Its says

Enter your password for root

I don’t have the password since i just installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my vps?


Usually, when you install a new OS, you get an email with the username, password and IP address.

At the moment, however, I think the OVH email servers are down, so no-one is getting these emails. I’ve been trying to reinstall my VPS for a couple of hours now, reinstalls all perfectly, but I do not receive the email.


Right is there anyway to track statues?


I’ve been looking around the forums here and found this from another user:

I actually managed to get in via ssh without the password.

What i did was this:

Go to My Account in ovh
Then My Services
There is then a tab for SSH Keys
Add your computers ssh key here - generate one if need be, i’m on a mac so i have one already at ~/.ssh/ <-- open and copy what’s in there
Rebuild the vps with SSH key selected
Ssh to the server, mine are centos so: ssh centos@IP.GOES.HERE
That then logs me in with my ssh key. I’m not sure what the default user is if you’re not using centos, maybe root? I believe on mine root login is disabled


Yes I tried that aswell but when I ssh after that, it again asks for a password.


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Ensure that your name resolution is working by running dig *hostname> both on your client and on your server. Ensure that your firewall is working by running iptables --list on your server (and ssh with your client’s firewall turned off as well). Restart the services and /etc/init.Restart the sshd process or use whatever method you think is appropriate for your distribution. (


Verify that the host IP address is correct. Verify the firewall rules, check the inbound rules allowed by the security group. Verify the port number allowed for ssh. Verify that the service is running properly.