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Unity3D, WebGL & ovh server?



I currently own a Perso plan for several years.
Uploading webGL content on site works just fine.
Using the Unity3D engine.

However there is another level for the WebGL dev to get data compressed as Gzip or Brotli to get the build loading faster.

You may have heard about Unity3d, it’s a kind of super famous 3D Engine for game dev mostly.
From their documentation there are page concerning the web server configuration to handle the compressed files :

Well since WebGL is getting super popular I would like to know what could be done from OVH.
Then maybe some upgrade from my Perso Plan.

To tell the truth I have no idea about the backend dev but willing to learn since I my job as gamedev is mostly frontend dev.

Since Unity3D-WebGL platform is getting super popular, I believe OVH would see some good commercial opportunities also to promote their tech or the support of UnityWebGL…
What do you think about that?

Thank you for your support waiting for your advise!
Cheers :slight_smile: