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Upload very slow


I am a customer of OVH Canada and acquired a server with a bandwidth that publishes 10GBPS in and 1 GBPS out. Performing a link speed test I got a scary result:

Retrieving configuration … Testing from OVH SAS (x.x.x.x) … Retrieving server list … Selecting best server based on ping … Hosted by Bell Mobility (Toronto, ON) [3.18 km]: 9.247 ms
Testing download speed … … Download: 1442.40 Mbit / s

Testing upload speed … … …
Upload: 4.16 Mbit / s

Is there a way to improve this or should I cancel my contract and request my money back?


You can use GTmetric to increase the speed of your website.
I also use it at my website of kinemaster prime app.


Speedtest under Ubuntu if installed from apt get speedtest-cli will give upload speed with that number. That result that you got it is fake. Use the github version


Use GTmetric , GTmetric is working fine on my tinder mod apk .I always use this.


I am also facing this issue at Water Sprite Plant. Kindly, help me.