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Upsurge in network abuse coming from "OVH". Please help


Greetings. Thanks for reading this. I realize this company may have a large clientele. However, that’s no excuse for the apparent lazy dealing with network abuse that I’m receiving from “OVH”. I can tell you, all “professional” abuse operations (PHISHING and so on) seem to have moved to “OVH”.

I’d like to discuss points as: 1) Are you taking “SpamCop” reports seriously? 2) When I open tickets through your abuse online form, why are you forwarding the original abuse to your “client”? 3) Could you please take a look at IP ranges registered for abuse such as ( - Registration data for this range seems to be false/stolen! I can lead you to more abuse if you truly care.

Thank you.


Hi FernandoS,

OVH takes abuse complaints very seriously, and we have a dedicated team which is able to look into any issues such as this.

Please contact our abuse team directly at and they will be able to look into this further for you.

Many thanks.


Thanks for your “standard” kind of reply. As you may know, it’s not feasible to file every complaint through your online form. I do indeed use your online form for those “key” samples where your direct “customer” is mostly either rogue or incompetent.

… And the SPAM and PHISHING continues from the very same sources… That’s why I’m trying to write you directly here.

I ask you again to take care and be more careful assigning “/24” networks ( - - this particular range assigned to a health care plan SPAM operation) that just by a quick “whois” look don’t look legitimate. You’re probably forwarding complaints received and your direct “customer” replies “I’ll warn my (downstream) customer”. Constantly lying.

That’s not the way to forge growth in your company.

Thank you.


Hi FernandoS,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve forwarded the information on that you have provided to the relevant team.

Many thanks.


I too, have had a complete lack of meaningful response.
Like Fernando, I’ve filed over 300 reports of Phishing and malware via SpamCop.
Of the last week, I have in addition, sent all phishing emails to abuse-at-oveh-dot-net, noc-at-ovh-dot-net and customersupport-at-ovh-dot-co-dot-uk.
I have also, in desparation, started filing each and every one on the web form.
I’m at the point of desparation, that on each occasion, I call tech support in the UK to try and solicit a resolution.

Surely, someone somewhere in the Abuse team (if it really exists) could have the courtesy to contact me or respond in some way, to indicate sighns of life?

In line with the OVH Community guid lines, I suggest that the abuse team respond to abuse tickets and not be insulated from frustrated recipents of phishing and malware.


Well, what can I say…
I’ve now submitted 45 tickets throuh the OVH portal to absolutely no effect…
The absence of any response or apparent concern does not pain a picture of a competent organisation.

26/JUN/18 15:40 #PMVFRNKHQX
26/JUN/18 15:43 #PMVFRNKHQX
26/JUN/18 16:13 #HCMVQWXJDF
27/JUN/18 12:38 #MLRSJTPHFX
27/JUN/18 13:18 #MLRSJTPHFX
27/JUN/18 15:11 #MLRSJTPHFX
27/JUN/18 15:22 #PGXFCLDQZR
27/JUN/18 17:33 #CBQKWTNJXR
03/JUL/18 15:17 #HPQCZRDNBM
26/JUL/18 14:04 #WTPXJCZKBL

26/JUL/18 14:20 #QLDHZRKWXS
27/JUL/18 10:13 #WTPXJCZKBL
08/AUG/18 15:57 #XPDNGJWBCS
08/AUG/18 16:18 #ZTXSFGJHKD
08/AUG/18 16:34 #BFSGHQVRWK
10/SEP/18 17:15 #WCPFLKTRDH
10/SEP/18 17:25 #GJBTDKVLNX
10/SEP/18 17:34 #VSPTQGHKZX
29/SEP/18 09:39 #ZLPNKBVGTJ
16/OCT/18 12:56 #LBDGTHXPCV

16/OCT/18 13:08 #SZGNBTRDKQ
16/OCT/18 13:41 #SQXPVJTLHR
16/OCT/18 13:51 #RFLBJDKNMH
16/OCT/18 14:05 #PCMXQJNSGT
06/NOV/18 12:03 #NBFZCQLSJT
06/NOV/18 12:15 #MLGCHTJVRS
06/NOV/18 12:24 #PLCMBFNSTD
09/NOV/18 09:51 #VHRMPSCJBK
09/NOV/18 09:59 #WJXDKTHGSR
12/NOV/18 13:41 #GKNSLTQDRF

12/NOV/18 15:02 #GKNSLTQDRF
12/NOV/18 15:15 #VCNXFSPZDG
13/NOV/18 11:59 #ZGMVXPLJBD
13/NOV/18 12:11 #VCNXFSPZDG
13/NOV/18 12:32 #CJGMHXWSVQ
16/NOV/18 12:56 #FPBWTHNKLV
16/NOV/18 13:18 #XQTCPJNLFW
16/NOV/18 13:40 #BLHXFTPMVK
04/DEC/18 20:29 #ZWCLXPDSVF
06/DEC/18 12:37 #VXQJWTRCLB

06/DEC/18 12:47 #VXQJWTRCLB
06/DEC/18 12:54 #NJSFCXGQPK
11/DEC/18 09:01 #GDJXHQTNSR
12/DEC/18 15:25 #QNDZCGBHWF
12/DEC/18 15:42 #HLVBSFGJWX

Make your own mind up!


I can tell you, all “professional” abuse operations (PHISHING and so on) seem to have moved to “OVH”

That is true. Largest Russian defamation website moved to OVH. I sent the abuse claim but OVH has not replied for 10 days. Any ideas on what to do with lies and human dignity rights violation on OVH servers?