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Use of domain hosted by ovh


Hi, just a quick question to the community that has more experience then me with ovh products (wich i do love alot)
I have registered domain at ovh… a .ovh domain, i was hoping there was a posibillity that i can use this as the host name for my new vps i install, what i mean is like and and so on, is this possible in anyway? this goes for dedicated servers to.

Or am i stuck with ?

Thanks for any replys on this subject

Help with dns and domain

Since there’s no reply for 19 days, I’ll hop in here. I have no experience with OVH VPS, but generally there’s two things to say:

  1. I assume your VPS is reachable on a public IP? Go ahead, reconfigure the A (and if you have one, AAAA) records to point to the new instance.
  2. If the above does not work out for reasons I can’t see right now, you can still say “ is actually” by setting up a CNAME record pointing the former to the latter.

Both are easily achievable through all the options in the OVH domain interface.