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VIP Support is it still available?


Is this still available? It doesn’t seem to be appearing on our bills recently. All the contacts we used to have for VIP support now go to dead lines.

I asked on email about this - was told to open a ticket
I opened a ticket - no reply.

As a company we spend around £100k/year with OVH but we’re pretty frustrated with the support experience we’re getting at the moment.


Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear about this. VIP support is still available, do you have a ticket number for your submission and I’ll get this checked up.

Many thanks,


No specific ticket just that I’m not even sure I’m still subscribed, and what it gives me if I am?


Hi @MarkH,

I’ve dropped you a direct message about this.



Hi @AnthonyR,
I’m trying for some time now to subscribe to the VIP support - as we start renting more and more servers from OVH - but I can’t find a link as an existing customer. Do I have to create a new account for that?


i’m interesting too.