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VMware ESXi 7.0 U3c Invalid password issues


Hey Everyone,

Since I’ve had my dedicated server around 6 months, my VMware password keeps saying it’s incorrect after a couple of hours which as you can imagine is really frustrating. I’ve setup a more secure password, changed it multiple times, but the same issue keeps happening. As soon as I restart the server, the password works again. I’ve no idea what’s causing it, I had a previous server with OVH and I didn’t get the same issue at all. I’m not sure how to contact OVH about the issue because I’m using the server more and it’s getting unusable having to restart it every couple of hours.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


HI Tom,
Have you found the solution please ?



Your root account is locked due to attacks, you need to add firewall rules to reject all tries to login and then it will be ok …


The same identical issue here. It’s non-sense and there is no explanation given from OVH!