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Vps automated backup - sbg2 -


I would like precise information. Can you recover automatic backups? When?


We have a VPS 2016 Cloud 3 located in os-sbg2.
The status on the table says “Not recoverable”. But what about the automated backups that were taken every day overnight?

Looking forward to have some answers.


I have the same issues as above. I’ve ordered a new server but can not transfer or mount the backups to the new server.


Same here! Need info if automated backups in os-sbg2 are permanently gone!


I have the same problem VPS 2016 Cloud 3 on sbg2 with automated backup purchased.


OVH please reply to this answer: is there any chance to recover the automatic backup of sbg-2 located vps??? Even a “we are checking/not for all” could be a better answer than silence!


Same thing here. I had my VPS in os-sbg1(SBG2) with Automated Backup ordered since 2018. And my server is paid until April but i bought a new one that i can’t recover with the Automated Backup of the unrecoverable. No answers by tickets in the control panel(or automated answers as the press notes, non helping)


I’m in the same situation. OVH what do we have to do??? Please reply!!


a mi me contestaron ayer en twitter, sobre las copias de seguridad automatizadas OS-SBG2 , y mi dijeron que estos backups comenzarán a estar disponibles a partir del jueves 25. Le pregunté que ahora mismo, al menos en mi caso , que es éste, en la web decían ésto:

“VPS Automated Backup for Legacy Ranges ( Cloud / Cloud-Ram) Ordered before 23 Apr 2020 os-sbg2Public Cloud Storage (os-pcs-sbg) Under investigationFrom March 25th”

Me contestaron lo siguiente:
“à priori, sauf gros soucis, c’est ok, la plupart vont revenir jeudi, certains prendront un peu plus de temps, et un petit pourcentage peut avoir des soucis. en gros, pour l’instant pas d’inquietude”.

Espero al menos haberos tranquilizado.


Thank you very much


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¡Muchas gracias Manuel! Esperemos el jueves y veremos que nos dicen… :eyes:


Hi guys, have you any news?


I am in the same situation,
We have two VPS 2016 Cloud 1 located in os-sbg2 which are “not recoverable” but with the automated backup option subscribed and we have no information about the recovery of these backups. OVH does not answer to our open tickets, juste automatic status answers…
If anyone has new information ?
Thank you in advance.


Ayer me contestaron esto via twitter:
Virtual private servers os-sbg2. Tenemos backup automatizado con fecha 9 de marzo, que ya no está en el panel de control de mi cuenta de usuario ovh
Ayer, 3:21 p. m.
Contestacion : OVHcloud Task Force Tech@OVHcloud_TFT

El backup automatizado está en reconstrucción, estará disponible el ,lunes o el martes
y podrás coger un nuevo vps en uno de nuestros DC franceses para subir el backup
han acabado de limpiar la mayoría de las máquinas de Public Cloud Storage, pero ahora hay que recontruir todo el metadata y poner el cluster de nuevo en marcha


I had my automated backups listed, but while verifying status this morning, thay have all disappeared !?

I’m kinda panicking. Has anyone any idea about what’s going on ? Are the backups lost or is it just because of the reconstruction ?

Thanks for your replies.


Hola Manuel, cual account Twitter has utilizado para preguntar a OVH? Muchas gracias, Marco


Hi, no news from OVH. We don’t know anything about our automated backup. They say: we are working on, but no real answer.



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Our VPS (zone openstack-sbg4) was rebuilt by OVH from an internal backup as is 2021-03-08. Great job!