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VPS Big Problem ( Very important)



I have big problem… Please help me!

I bought new vps … They sent me login information. (Like username: centos pass: *****) I cannot log into the account because the information they sent is incorrect. I deleted cache, then I tried again. Also i used root user name…Again failing!

After this i did rescue mod restart… System sent to me new login information… Great! I can login on SSH!! but…

I can’t login WHM! on WHM panel ( ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED ) !!

after this i did Reboot mod restart… Great! I can see now WHM panel… but…

WHM says my login information is wrong!

Where is the problem?? Someone help me!

Thank you!!


I have the same problem… They are not even replying…


What VPS and OS template?


I am having this identical issue. The administrator account credentials supplied via email do not connect via ssh or cPanel.

Centos 7 - cPanel / VPS vps2020-comfort-4-8-160