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VPS does not want to boot


Hello! I was editing some IPv6 settings on my Ubuntu 18.04 VPS and rebooted from the terminal directly and now it just doesn’t boot! Only boots in rescue mode from the control panel, but fsck does not work there, I don’t want to reset it completely, as I have important data on it. Please help


Hi @AlexT1

Did you make a backup copy of the original configuration file?

What files did you modify and what guide did you look at?

Do you know how to use the SSH console if I give you instructions so that you can solve the problem?

Otherwise, you will need to contract and pay to solve the problem

If you remember how it was, mount the system hard drive in /mnt and leave everything as you found it

Carlos Frias (SysAdmin)


I followed the OVH guide to add an IPv6 address.

After rebooting to apply the changes, the system broke and gave me errors about a superblock broke.
I just ended up resetting completely the VPS. Thank you for your help