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VPS - IPv6 question


Hello, I have a question how many IPv6 addresses can I have on vps. As standard, I received 1 x IPv4 and 1x IPv6 for VPS, I know that I can buy another IPv4 address. However, can I get another IPv6 address for free?
If so, in what way?


Hi @DominikJ

As far as I understand, it is only an IPv6 address per VPS, but if you open a ticket in the OVH panel for assistance as “Another request” maybe they can give you a better and more precise answer




Unfortunately, at the moment we only provide 1 IPv6 with our VPS and Public Cloud product. If you need a large block of IPv6, the only OVHcloud product that can provide it is the dedicated servers only at the moment.

The ultimate goal is to allow more IPv6 on VPS and Public Cloud product also, but we are unable to provide an ETA on this topic.