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VPS machine creation and web application deployment in Angular and Nodejs



Good morning everyone
My name is Moreno, 68 years old from Rovigo in Italy. I am a retired programming enthusiast and I am creating a web application spa for non-profit associations using ANGULAR as Frontend, NODEJS as backend and Mysql database. I need to deploy the application to start the testing phase. I state that I do not have specific knowledge from the system point of view and therefore I do not know how to create the VPS machine in order to perform the deployment. I ask you if there have been other situations similar to mine and if operational guides have been created for users without specific knowledge. I reiterate that I am a volunteer and I work, non-profit, only and exclusively for non-profit associations and for the Parish.
I hope I can receive assistance.

ps. I apologize for the bad English, but not knowing the language, I had to rely on google translator.