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VPS order in progress


Hi OVH community,
I am a new user of OVH services but i was stuck on VPS installation. I expected that i will get my VPS in few minutes after order was payed but it did not. Also, i read about anti-fraud manual checking from OVH side and i want to know how long it might be? Maybe this info will be useful: order number 93802763.
Artem P

VPS renewal not being processed

Hello @ArtemP,

I have checked and this order is now showing as having been processed.

If you need anything else, please let me know.



Hi Artem,
It is indeed not understandable…
My order 93833350 has been made yesterday and has been paid for with Paypal…
But still no trace of the machine (validating…).
I don’t understand this anti-fraud reasoning (especially when paying with Paypal).


We are one day later…, still no machine, no reaction to the support call I made and no reaction in this forum. I want my money back :frowning: .


And another day has passed… no news, good news, …. I guess…, no?


Hi we have just ordered a SSD VPS and it says processing. How long does it take? Can anyone help!



Orders are usually provisioned straight after the order validation, so if your order is no longer in validation but the VPS has not been provisioned please private message me your order number and I will be happy to check this further for you?



VPS at London datacenter are out of stock… Im waiting for mine since 25/08
In progress


Im with same issue as @WilliamL … i even dont know how to PM here… so i mention @AnthonyR all my tickets have information necessary… i can add more if needed


@AnthonyR i fell necessary to create another post…

Ok i aggree that fraud system exist and could take 2 years to do it… im ok with all that! But where is information about that when a order is made? Where is the information on “Product” page?

Im sorry in advance if i dont see it!

Best regards!


Hello @AnthonyR, I emailed support since yesterday but haven’t received any reply. I wanted to purchase VPS Cloud 3 but I wanted first to confirm if it comes with a cpanel. Kindly respond back. Thank you!



How do I get my order processed quicker? Raised a threat & support ticket and waited


If you can, restart the reinstall. If not, call support (don’t email, that takes days) and ask. If they can’t fix it, ask to cancel the service to reorder. I’ve heard of things like this happening before with dedicated servers. It just doesn’t happen very often.

Processing time depends on your payment method. Credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal are all basically instant. Bank takes roughly 3 days. Once the funds clear, the VPS is added to your account, and is provisioned with the settings from order. If it takes more than an hour call support. If it takes more than a day, get a refund.

If you have any questions, or need help, feel free to send me an email.


i just ordered a vps and still its in validation how long does it take to validate?


I also ordered a VPS and it is still in validation :frowning:
Regards: Aaron lal