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VPS Ordered, no response from the support team



Order No. 10190175. Ordered a few days ago, waited a day for OVH to email me. No emails sent.
I create a support ticket, get a quick reply that the validation team will contact me. So i wait another day… no emails received.
Sent another ticket to the support guy, and got the validation team’s email address. Wrote to them, and no reply.
Went back to create another ticket on OVH, and get the same email template reply that i will get an email from the validation team. So i wrote the validation team again, and no reply.

I used to run a few servers in 2017, and am using the same account, i though my account was already verified… or the very least the validation team could just reply?

I am so disappointed and surprised. Can someone help me?

Once again : Order No. 10190175