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Vrack and Dedicated Servers


Ive got 4 Rise-2 dedicated servers that I want to be able to communicate over local LAN. I understand I need a Vrack to do this. We created a vrack but none of my servers are listed to add to it. Anyone know why??


Hi @JamesL2

For the servers to be added to the vRack, they must have been contracted with the private network option or at least be under the same location, same data center.

In case you do not meet those requirements, you will have to create a Site to Site VPN between your servers, it would be the only way to do it unless you change the servers and buy them with a private network included

As far as I know, the Rise servers do not include a private network or the option to contract it, verify the INFRA servers or Advance Servers

I hope I have clarified or helped you

Carlos Frias SysAdmin