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Vrack vmware ha



i am planning to run a smal HA vmwre infostructucture on two dedicated hosts running in the same vrack . I have two question vmware related questions if any body have done something simmilar

If VMware HA is ON then you need to have same L2 network between both ESXi hosts so that VM on the same IP subnet would be able to communicate. IPs on all VM interfaces should be functional after a VM failover from one host to another due to some failure. From my experience on soyoustart you can map a network to one host only and dedicate IP using mac addresses how can solve this? is there an option?

For IP addresses from same subnet to work on VMs running on 2 different hosts you need to have a VLAN (‎IEEE 802.1Q) set on both esxi hosts and physical switches so that it’s the same broadcast domain. How is this solved?

thank you in advance


Did you resolve this? I am in the same situation, planning a possible HA infrastructure with VmWare between 2 dedicated servers.

Thank you.