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What is a POD in kubernetes?


Hi team,

What is a POD in kubernetes ?

If you have an answer or a definition? Your knowledge on the subject would be really helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

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It’s not easy to answer the question “What is a POD in kubernetes ?” in a few words, but I’ll try :slight_smile:

If you’re wondering what Pods are, we probably have the answer for you.
Pod is one of the core fundamentals of Kubernetes because it’s one of the main reason developers manipulate. Pods are artefacts in a Kubernetes cluster. It’s a non breakable set of containers. Which means Pod’s containers will always be in a same machine.
Processes that are executed in a same Pod share the same IP address. In other words, pods are always co-localised and are executed in a shared context.
Nevertheless, different pods’ processes are completely isolated from one another. They have different IP addresses, different host name.
There are two types of Pods : pod with a simple container.

Pods have many benefits. Indeed, they provide a consistent service unit in order to have cooperative model between several processes. They simplify the deploy and the management of applications by providing an abstraction of higher level than the set of application constituting them. The pods are served as a unit of deployment, horizon scale replication. Pods also allow the sharing of resources and communication between its constituents.

Let’s have a use case for pods. They can be used to host vertically host integrated application stacks, but their main interest is the implementation of co-located and co-managed auxiliary programs.

PS:thank you for your content how to check if kubernetes is installed