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When I log into my OVH account my screen is greyed out and I can't do anything! Help!


I logged in with my two factor authentication to check my hosting services but when I get my account opening page its greyed out and I can’t click on anything! How do I get this fixed?


Hello @GraemeC

did you test from a private browser tab or from another connection?



Hi FabL,

Just tried it now with a private window. It works! So how do I get it working properly in the normal window or shouldn’t I bother?

Also, I have allowed my one domain to expire as I don’t need it any more. How do I stop the reminder I get every day to tell me to renew it?

Thank you for your help.


Hello @GraemeC,

It is certainly a problem of cache linked to your browser, I invite you to consult the documentation relating to this last.

If you wish to cancel your domain name, I invite you to request cancellation on the expiry date from your manager.