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Wheres my VPS... 15 days no response


Okay, so, I ordered and paid for a VPS on the 22nd of December, I went to login on the 23rd but it wouldn’t let me login, so I tried resetting password, didn’t receive an email to my account, next I tried making a new account with the same email and to my surprise it worked. Thought maybe it was just glitched or something maybe some kind of delay considering I bought it right before christmas, I have now waited 15 days and no sign of my VPS, I’ve opened a ticket and emailed OVH and they’re yet to respond… This service is ridiculous.
Can anyone give me any idea what is going on?


Hello @Nightbot

Did you try calling the OVH contact number? it’s free from Skype at least

You get immediate assistance for these types of cases