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Why can not connect my domain name with my host in ovh?


the problem is the follow:
I have Domain and Host in OVH. I want to connect my domain name with my host. When I try that with going to my ovh account > Host Plans > I choice the current host plan I want to add my domain > General Information > Primary Domain > Change Primary Domain > and I choice the domain I want to add to this hosting plan. I select it and click Next and come error Massage: “An error has occurred when updating your hosting plan. (Internal server error)”.
I do not know where is the problem. Please for more information about that.

Best regards


I have exactly the same problem - can anyone help?


Probably, you should ask this from your hosting provider. I have solved this type of issue of Techspit website by taking suggestion from hosting provider


The same problem. Domain unable to connect with hosting. Both OVH.
Details in link below:

Anyone could help?