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Why is my antivirus blocking my wildcard ssl certificate?


I have a web server at and I have a multisite with multiple sub-domains. I wanted to generate an SSL certificate for all of the subdomains/subsites, but by using the built-in feature from OVH I found that my antivirus blocked the website when accessing it with the error being something like:

“The certificate name does not match the website name”

So I investigated a bit and found that I’m using a wildcard certificate of the type:

I guess that the antivirus is comparing the * with the actual name of the subdomain and finds that they do not match. I can confirm that because when typing a subdomain that doesn’t exist yet my antivirus blocks it before the browser tells me that the site doesn’t exist.

I also tried to generate the certificate with certbot on the command line but I had the same problem.

Maybe I can try to generate the certificate for all of my subdomains individually instead of *

This problem occurs with BitDefender and Windows Defender, what can I do to prevent it?

Thanks for your help


I have a solution for this just wait a little bit