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Windows 2019 on VPS dies after some 2 minutes



I’ve Windows Server 2019 Standard (Desktop) VPS in BHS2 Zone (Beauharnois (BHS) - Canada), config ‘win-vps2020-comfort-4-8-160’

And recently having problem with my that Windows 2019 installation. After some Windows Update (that required a reboot) the VPS just hangs after some 2 minutes of running. The remote desktop connection client says “TRANSPORT_FAILED”, ping’s stops and the KVM run from the server’s console does not respond.

If I reboot VPS from the console, I can access the Windows again (even log on and go to logs/services/network adapter properties) but it lasts 2 minutes and hangs again.

And on every (or almost every run) the Windows’ network connection gets a new name (as it was deleted and recreated).

Anybody seen anything like that? Any fixes/workarounds? Maybe I misconfigured something that kills/shutdowns the Windows and the final stage of booting?



If anyone is interested - probably found what was the reason.

On the machine I had two external ways of access open: an openssh server and the Remote Desktop server. It appears that under ‘attack’ from bots trying to gain access Windows was just dying.

I have first added a firewall in the OVH console and later moved the services to some unusual ports and disabled the firewall (since I still want to have access to the server with ssh or RDP) and all seem to be working again.