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Your security - does OVH care?


Hi customers,
I have been investigating hacked websites and reporting them for many years. In May of this year I reported one to OVH as containing hacker tools and being used to hack other sites. I suggested a possible reason for the hack.
I received no response. In June I reported it again via a webform on the OVH site. I received an email asking for confirmation of the report. I received no further response.
So come September, and having issues with the Abuse Reporting form on OVH’s website, I tried to raise a support ticket about the whole system. “Problem with OVH website” is not an option catered for by the support system, so I had to ask other departments to put me in touch with the OVH webmaster or the Abuse department. The answer at every turn was “that’s not our function, we can’t contact other departments”, and then they would direct me to the broken webform that I wanted to complain about.
So the site I reported in May is still in the hands of criminals, and OVH’s abuse reporting system is still hit-or-miss (sometimes you get no confirmation email, sometimes you get a confirmation email but a ticket is not raised) and no-one from the said department is talking to me or taking responsibility.
If OVH is a cheap hosting company, this is why; staff are clearly incentivised to avoid anything difficult and to get rid of people as soon as possible. If your website gets hacked and you don’t have your contact details on it, don’t expect OVH to protect you by taking reports on your behalf and acting on them.