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Your server has been hacked. Please contact our support team for instructions on what to do next


What is this?

My server was terminated saying there was an abuse. I received an email from the Abuse team saying
"Please delete these phishing webpages and secure your service (CMS update, system update, password change) to ensure it cannot be hacked again." - Ticket: [Abuse #FRJMVBGPZL]

How am I going to take this action if I don’t have access to my server? It says terminated in the OVH Dashboard, I am worried. I need to get backup of all my files immediately.

I understand, there might or might not be an abuse with the server, but terminating the whole server is not the right way, I have other loyal customers in the server as well. What am I going to say to them?

I need the backup of my data immediately.